How Facility Maintenance Solutions Benefit Healthcare Facilities

Posted by Marcell Haywood on May 12, 2016 9:00:00 AM
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The maintenance and upkeep of healthcare facilities is paramount. That’s why here at Encompass Onsite, we’re dedicated to partnering with our healthcare clients to ensure the hospital environment is as cleanly and conducive to healing as possible.

Our Healthcare Support Services provide essential services to support the smooth operation of plant operations and environmental services departments. 

What’s more, our trained technicians, housekeepers and staff utilize diverse experiences, systems and processes to provide optimal outcomes for healthcare administrators. 

Overall, we prioritize patient satisfaction, cleanliness, and compliance. Let’s take a closer look at each.

Patient Satisfaction 

The patient experience is our top priority. Therefore, we ensure the healthcare facilities we service are conducive to patient healing and comfort. 

We are dedicated to delivering essential support services throughout the entire healthcare delivery continuum, from hospitals and ambulatory surgical centers to medical office buildings. 

With over 3.5 million patient visits supported per year, our partners enjoy guaranteed results from a proven healthcare support services provider. 

Ultimately, our Healthcare Support Services provide on-the-ground solutions for a healthcare industry that is forcing administrators to cut costs but still deliver the highest standard of care.


Cleanliness is crucial in a hospital setting, and it’s especially important to overall patient satisfaction. 

When asked “How often were your room and bathroom kept clean?” 73% of patients responded with “always” (this was the national average). However, for the best performing hospitals in the country (in the 95th percentile), 86% or more patients responded with “always.” 

This is especially important because patient reports of cleanliness are directly associated with lower rates of nosocomial infections (diseases originating in hospitals).

The bottom line is this: we take pride in keeping your facilities at their best. We will be your partners in both cleanliness and patient care, and strive to help you reach a higher HCAHPS rating.


Our facility maintenance solutions as a service are in compliance with all health standards. We offer technical maintenance expertise in sensitive spaces, including operating rooms. This is an incredibly important task that we take very seriously, as studies have shown that 75 percent of an OR may not be sufficiently cleaned or disinfected.

In order to be safe and compliant, we have equipment dedicated solely to the OR to help prevent the transmission of germs and other organisms from other areas of the hospital. We also follow strict safety precautions and general infection control procedures, and offer support for successful JCAHO and CMS inspections. 

Our Results

Encompass Onsite has a quantifiable track record of producing defined, performance-based improvements. These improvements include:

  • Increasing HCAHPS and Patient Satisfaction Scores
  • Improvement in Patient Safety
  • Improved JCAHO compliance with Environment of Care Standards
  • Reduced Operating Costs

We are dedicated to ensuring your healthcare facility is up to snuff in all regards, especially when it comes to patient satisfaction, cleanliness and compliance. We won’t rest until your facility is operating smoothly and efficiently! 

Care to learn more about what we can do for your healthcare facility? Schedule a call with us today.

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