True Power: Diversity and Shared Experience

Posted by Marcell Haywood on Mar 28, 2018 8:51:47 AM
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Regardless of our personal views, the world has seemingly become more complex than many of us remember it before.

When many of the ideals millions of people hold dear seem under assault, we strive to build a Team and a place to build careers that sees both life and profession through a much larger, much more colorful lens. 

At Encompass Onsite, we not only appreciate, but fundamentally depend on each of our team member’s unique experiences, perspectives and viewpoints.  Our broad diversity is a vital component of who we are, and is the very thing that allows us to flourish as a company, as an organization and as leaders.

In a time where many may no longer be certain of what the future holds or the extent to which society values the very differences that make us dynamic and exceptional – we encourage each individual to remember that each person powerful beyond belief, and that it is those incredible talents, unique background and experiences, deep cultural roots and compassion that make each of our team members such a valuable contributor, not just to Encompass Onsite, but to society and the world at large.

On a daily basis, it is what gives us the unique ability to fulfill our mission of ‘Creating Awesome Experiences for People within Properties We Maintain’

It is what allows us to be a part of helping children further their education as an extension of the work we do in academic institutions, or literally helping our clients save lives as we work daily to keep the environment of care in hospitals and clinics safe, clean and in good repair.

There is no need for an external entity to speak truth to your power.  It is as real as the most basic truths we’ve all come to accept; like the sun rising in the east and setting in the west. 

And no one, ever, regardless of position, ranking, title or affluence has the power to shake your belief in what we know to be real. 

This is not a political statement. Different political views are part of the very diversity that we so embrace.  Rather, this is words of encouragement to put belief in yourself under lock and key, never to be stolen, threatened, molested or shaken by any of the challenges the world will inevitably present.

We aim to inspire others to greater heights each and every day – and that comes to fruition in so many beautifully unique, amazing, assorted and fantastic ways.

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